Erica Campbell serving us ‘Positive’ vibes

Erica Campbell has been working on a solo project for some time and has released a new song, which she says will be part of her upcoming album. The song Positive talks about being sure of who she is in God and that God is always going to come through for us.

As one of the artists invited to sing at the Superbowl in Inglewood, USA, where she grew up, speaking about the experience and how it was performing the new track, Erica said “You plant seeds, and your discipline and your actions water those seeds. I feel like you reap what you sow, not where you sow.”

Erica’s song positive speaks life into our negative situations and affirms that if you are positive about life and about what God can do for you, then everything will fall into place. She said “The reason I chose that name and that title is because the word ‘positive’ is now ‘negative’ because of COVID. But I believe words have power and I don’t believe that heaven has changed its mind about the word ‘positive’ because of what’s going on down here. I think we need to take that word back. Claim it, own it, say it, speak it.”

Erica believes that everything we say sends a message to heaven about what you are ready for.

Be Positive!


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