DP Ruto Answers the President

DP Ruto has today hit out at the President on his preference to endorse Raila Odinga for the presidency in the forthcoming general elections. While addressing a rally in Mwingi, Kitui County, the DP stated that it was the democratic right for the Head of State to support the candidate of his choice.

“I voted for Uhuru, I campaigned for him and Odinga has never voted or campaigned for President Kenyatta, but I am okay with his decision to support that one person that has never voted for him,” he stated. The DP however insisted that they were still friends despite their fallout.

Responding to the President’s jab thrown at the DP during the Sagana 3 meeting yesterday, politicians who accompanied Ruto said that, President Uhuru is out of reality and touch with the Kenyan people and has thrown the country into pits of debts, therefore, the President can not boast of a growing economy.

The remarks by the DP and his allies come after Uhuru stated that despite their fallout with his deputy, he would support Ruto’s political ambitions in the future if he toed the line.



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