Deaf four-year-old able to hear for the first time at Christian festival

Article by Sophie Drew - Premier Christian News

A four-year-old boy was able to hear for the first time whilst attending United – a New Wine festival.

Although the young boy hasn’t been publically named, crowds rejoiced when being told the news from the festival stage.

Rev Kate Wharton, assistant national director of New Wine, said to Premier: “A four-year-old boy who was born deaf, and was prayed for during the week, was able to hear for the first time; his mum told this delightful story of him staying awake whispering to his brother all night.”

The festival, held at the East of England showground, saw 14,000 people gather to grow in their faith.

Speakers included Jon Tyson, Amy Orr-Ewing, Mike Pilavachi, Pete Greig, Miriam Swanson, Paul Harcourt, Anu George, Christy Wimber and more.

Due to the pandemic, the United festival has been cancelled for the last two years.

Unable to rely on the funding from past events, and welcoming 7,000 less people than they had initially budgeted for, New Wine found themselves in a deficit of more than £1m.

Financial reserves had been depleted by the pandemic, New Wine has launched a fundraising initiative, started at United, to ensure the festival can continue in the future.


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