China Donates 36 Military Vehicles To KDF

The government of China has donated military vehicles and engineering equipment to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to aid Kenya’s security operations.

The items on display included 20 multipurpose lorries and five water bowsers which were received by Kenya’s Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa at Kahawa Garrison in Nairobi.

Speaking during the event, Wamalwa praised China for its support noting that it marked a significant turning point in the two countries’ defense relations.

The CS also said that the vehicles and engineering equipment will improve troops’ ability to carry out their missions both inside and outside Kenya’s borders.

“The capacity of a defence force in protection of the sovereignty of any nation lies with its personnel and equipment. Further, a highly motivated soldier coupled with the requisite tools of trade will endeavour to complete the assigned mission irrespective of the operating environment,” he added.

He also stated that the assistance would boost soldier morale and mission readiness.

“The Military Aid Gratis accorded to the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) by the People’s Republic of China goes a long way to enhance the mission readiness of troops in execution of their mandate,” said the CS.

Kenya’s Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Zhou Pingjian stated that Kenya and China have had a deep bond for millennia and thanked both countries’ leaders for the good working partnership.

“I am proud of the wide ranging cooperation between the two countries, including that of the military relations. We are committed to focusing on the China-Kenya relations so as to promote peace within the region,” noted the Ambassador.


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