Catholic Bishops in Kenya to Begin “Sunday message strategy” to Foster Peace

Catholic Bishops in Kenya have pledged to start sharing weekly messages in what is to be called “Bishops’ Sunday message” aimed at fostering peace towards the general elections.

“Our Bishops will be giving weekly messages to help us, journey, to the General elections together and also praying for our country, that we may have peaceful elections and that all our leaders shelve individual interests and put the country first,” Archbishop Anthony Muheria said, and explained, “What this means is that every Sunday, there will be a specific message prepared by our Bishops and the message addressed to the media after the Holy Mass.”

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops has also called on the institutions concerned with elections to do all they can to ensure the General elections are run without any hitch, and that they are free, fair, and credible.

“We urge IEBC to engage urgently in the cleaning up of the voter register as required by law. It is critically important that only legitimate voters turn up to vote,” Archbishop Muheria who is also the Chairperson of the Commission for Social Communications Committee said.

The Bishops urged the electoral body the IEBC to count on partnerships with faith bodies in the process of civic education saying that the most important player in the Election process is the Citizen, the Voter, and at the center of the Election process and the Election discussion, we must place the Kenyan Citizen.

“Every voter has a right to be appropriately approached and informed. Special effort must be made to inform and educate this marginalized voter. Using voters as objects to achieve an end is not the way to promote human dignity.”

The Catholic Bishops have also called on the Kenyan voter to give some serious thought regarding whom they will be voting for.

“Let us not be casual about voting. Let us not simply vote because it is our right to do so. Let us have a clear mind and a clear conscience about who we are voting for and what they stand for.”


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