Financial Gender-Based Violence

“Money makes the world go round,” is a common phrase that denotes the power money has in the world, with finance being one of the most powerful systems on earth. When it comes to gender-based violence, UNICEF reports, “While 1 in 3 women worldwide experiences physical or sexual violence, GBV is rarely factored in as a risk to finance. However, these numbers are, in the language of finance, material.”

Socio-economic or financial-based gender violence is often overlooked. Financial gender-based violence is, “The aspect of a person not being able to provide for themselves either man or woman, especially in a relationship. It is where you can’t meet your needs and the other person can. Where one party in a marriage controls every single coin and the other party has no consent on anything. The party in control denies the “subject” an opportunity to empower themselves or even access to any money,” Dr. Anne Anderson.

In this regard, you become enslaved to your provider. This tool of manipulation is widely “successful” as most victims are unaware they are actual victims. The guise of “obedience and worship” for a comfortable life is a trade most women are involved in and at times they are only aware of the abuse when it’s a tad too late. Finance has been a tool that has been used to control many people or systems due to its power and influence.

The African context to some extent pushes for women to be stay-at-home mums. Leaving the man of the house to provide for the family. However, both stay-at-home mums and dads deserve some sort of allowance from the working party for the services they are providing for the family. This allowance is what bridges the gap for the staying-at-home party to be able to provide for their needs and whips when they need to without seeking permission or money from the other party.

At times financial violence is not accompanied by other forms of violence. But it is one of the underlying factors in all forms of abuse. Financial Matters are matters of the heart. As you come together as one, be wise enough to also find a level of stability individually.



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