Broken Chains: Happy Madaraka Day

What a great day today is! A day we should all be proud to be Kenyan. Proud for the efforts our great-great-grandparents put out there to fight for our independence. In 1920 we were put in chains, our land stolen, whipped at their pleasure and we all bowed to the great and the mighty.

In the chains of oppression, the Kenyan spirit was birthed. The spirit to be independent, the spirit to fight for our lives, land, and self-rule. The struggle was punishing and burdensome, our history books don’t lie in their record. The dreamers lost their lives for us to enjoy the democratic privileges. The basic needs we all take for granted were a luxury to them.

On this day, the 59th Celebration of Madaraka day, be proud to be Kenyan. Be proud of our independence. The fight still lives on, the Kenyan spirit of equality and justice should be live in you. It is time for us to build the Kenya we want that the fighters fought for and lost their lives to gift us. Najivunia kuwa Mkenya!!!! Do you?




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