At What Cost Do You Defend the Faith?

We are used to seeing preachers in churches and on our screens. But there are the select few who in the eyes of society seem either too bold, insane, or idlers, and these are preachers that we see on the streets.

In some nations, this is unheard of to preach in public, but in Kenya, it’s a norm to see preachers in the middle of the CBD, in buses, and sometimes in public arenas holding crusades or preaching alone.

This got me thinking. How many times have you been able to say the word ‘God’, or ‘Jesus’ in public without looking to see who is over your shoulder? Or how many times have you been able to say out loud, that you are off to church on a Sunday?

It is easy to take some of these things for granted especially when you have never been through any kind of persecution for your faith.

Sometimes I feel like the slightest forms of persecution get us so fired up, yet we do not know what the true cost of the gospel is. Do we really know how deep or how high the price for our souls on the cross is? Do we defend it with all our might, or do we think that it is our right?

We know not the cost because we have never experienced its loss. By this I mean, that in our country Kenya, your Bible has never been snatched away and burned into ashes before your very eyes, your limbs are intact and you have no reason to whisper verses when you have Bible study in church or your home because no one will come hunting you down like a dog.

This is a call to reflection. Let us take time to soak in the favor of the freedom to believe without fear for our lives, although, we must indeed always remind ourselves that because not all will believe, we must guard our salvation with fear and trembling, and as we do, we also remember to pray for the persecuted church and believers around the world.


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