Archbishop Ole Sapit: Don’t Elect Corrupt Politicians

As we edge closer to the general elections on August 9th, 2022. The political climate has created a “sandstorm” of sorts. With party preliminaries unearthing speculations of interference, rigging, and “godfather” input. These allegations may paint a picture of what might happen after the general elections.

In almost the same breath the Anglican Church of Kenya has called upon the state actors in charge of the electoral process to ban any individual vying for a political seat who has a court case. “We are now calling the Kenyan people because we are all in Kenya and we follow the news and know who has a court case or has been named. We are urging Kenyans and part of our civic education is to urge Kenyans to elect people who are not having a tented past because they will not inspire hope if someone has mismanaged in the past, what guarantee do we have that they will have to change this time round,” Jackson Ole Sapit Archbishop ACK stated in a media address.


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