Technology meets Farming

There is no point in trial and error, repeat till you have improvements in this day and age. Are you willing to gamble on your investment, time, and efforts to a bet with no assurity? Early this month Farmers Network App was launched. “The app was created to help entrepreneurial farmers to convert their business into sustainable ventures. The app was developed to address the needs and the pain points of the farmer. As they start their journey of cultivating until the product gets into the table.”

The app seeks to provide solutions for better enterprise management, resource management, and marketing for farmers. Basically ensuring the farmer is more than empowered through information, advisories, and networks with other farmers to grow together. The app is available globally in 176 countries, “You have access to176 other markets apart from just you who is currently sitting here.”

The future is technology, and through; research, science, and traditional practices, better practices will be created. “When the right people interact with those problems then what we get are solutions. We are happy today we are celebrating one of those solutions that our farmers will use to increase their production.”


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