A living cheque… or a living sacrifice?

For some time, may be not so long ago, there has been the idea going round amongst music worship teams in the church, that the service they offer should be appreciated with a token/stipend or salary. This is such a complex topic, where the line between genuine service to God and our talents being supported, and the church caring for our personal needs could easily be crossed or distorted.

Why is it that the young adult nowadays, needs pay to offer a living sacrifice to their God? It’s a concept, that some churches have flowed with and others are still yet to see the sense in it. With rising cost of living and a generation that is supposedly more “woke”, as in, in touch with the specifics of what they feel and want, it’s a conversation that probably now more than ever needs to be had and clarified. There may not necessarily be a particular end to this conversation but a start is better than nothing.

Jane Diffu of familynews.today spoke with Worship Minister Timothy Kaberia, one of Kenya’s key thought leaders in worship leading and worship music ministry. Check this video out as we take on the discussion: paid service.


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