Church of England pours in £3m to help clergy struggling with cost of living crisis

The Church of England will make extra funding available to help clergy and lay workers struggling with the cost of living crisis, particularly rising energy bills.

The Church has announced that it will distribute up to £3m for hardship grants to help clergy and lay employees such as children and youth workers.

Decisions about the distribution of grants will be made at diocesan level.

The Church of England published a report last year that revealed 13 per cent of clergy said they found it “very difficult” to manage and 25 per cent described themselves as just getting by financially.

The report backed targeted support for clergy facing financial challenges such as those with larger families or with no additional household income other than the stipend.

John Spence, Chair of the Archbishops’ Council finance committee, said “Our clergy and lay workers are in the frontline of mission and ministry in the Church of England.

“Every day they make a massive difference for their communities. We know that a significant number face a challenge over the coming months in the face of the rising cost of living.

“Dioceses will be given additional resources to ensure that not only clergy but those lay workers such as youth and children’s workers most in need of financial support will receive the help they need.”

SOURCEBy Tola Mbakwe : Premier Christian News
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