”Vote, for what purpose?”: Voter Apathy is still High

With barely 4 months to go to the general elections, a majority of Kenyan voters about 60% are undecided on who they will vote for or if they will even vote. The higher number of the undecided belong to the youth category below the age of 35 years. Here are some of their views, “I did not vote during the last election. I didn’t have a voter’s card, I still haven’t registered for a voters cards. Voting won’t change my life in any way, why should I waste my time and energy?” Miss P. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) embarked on several voter registration drives due to the low turnout of the targeted 4.5 million new voters.

“Vote, for what purpose? The thing that annoys me the most about Kenya is the elections. This year I am not voting, I moved from where I had registered and I haven’t changed my polling station. I woke up early and nothing changed in my life or community the last time. This time around I’m already content that whoever will win the presidency I will support them but I’m not voting again,” M.M. The lack of fulfilled promises by politicians seems to have demotivated a majority of the voters not to participate in their civic duty. However, some are still resilient that they will still vote “I will wake up at 4 am to vote, whether they steal my vote or not. At least I shall have voted,” anonymous.

Voter apathy is at an all-time high in the country. The “woke” youth are at the frontline pushing for more youth to turn up and vote wisely. “The change you want to see has to start with you, you cannot expect a government to change when you are still asking for “kakitu”. You cannot receive “kakitu” and get justice, you have to pick one. The politician is shaped by you. It’s you as a young person to decide the change you want to see and the change must begin with you,” Waithera Gaitho Executive Director of Alternatives Africa. “Participation is everything. The young people need to participate and through it, people will get to listen,” Paul Aol Advocate.

The greatest weapon against democracy is voter apathy! Don’t be your own enemy show up and vote!! Your vote counts!


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