Unemployment: Laziness or lack of jobs

There is no country on earth that doesn’t have a certain level of unemployment. The situation becomes dire when the cost of living is higher in those countries. Looking at our country a third of Kenyans are living below the poverty line. “15.9 million out of 44.2 million Kenyans are poor, describing this scenario as an adult earning less than Sh3,252 in rural areas and Sh5,995 monthly in urban areas,” according to the Comprehensive Poverty Report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

The creation of employment is one way of reducing the poverty levels in the country. The balance between credible and skilled manpower versus limited opportunities are the main attributing factors. “We have young people who are being prepared for white-collar jobs. They have their degrees but what about the other technical skills that they need to invest in. It’s high time we invest in practical skills and use our hands. Because one day we might wake up and not have the white-collar job,” Stella Kaviti communications Run for Office.

Aside from the skills need and experience the youth has a whole have been criticised and deemed to be lazy.  Is this a common stereotype or the actual truth?” it’s partially true as we have young people not committed to the cause because they don’t have access to these opportunities. Motivating these young people by sharing testimonials and giving them real-life experiences. We also need to enlighten the youth on entrepreneurial skills to keep them busy,” she further stated.

It’s not absurd to see over 100 youths lined up for limited interviews in urban centres. The hunger to secure employment is high but if they do not secure these opportunities. These same youth will be waiting for you in the dark corners!


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