Truth be Told: We are not ready for Change

In a span of 5 years, we experience cycles of emotions as a people. From jubilations or cries after an election due to either our preferred candidate winning or losing. After the season of elections, the anticipation of the fulfilment of promises during the campaigns blinds us. Then anger becomes a new driving force as individuals start to realize no change is coming. Cries of we want a good leader or we won’t change carry us for the remaining period. Shockingly this is forgotten immediately when the campaign season is back. It becomes less about the agenda, changes you want, and manifesto to deliver the said changes. It becomes the game of numbers “we” versus them.

In Kenya, most voters are unaware of the 45 other candidates running for the office of the president alongside the two “main horses.” Some supporters of the 45 get ridiculed and laughed at by individuals asking, “Why are you even supporting X when you know they can’t win. Yes, he is a good person but this is Kenya.”

Kenya’s presidential race is more of a popularity contest as opposed to agendas and ideals. We sideline, mock, and completely ignore candidates without giving them an opportunity. But as much as we have our flaws in the national race; the other contests seem to be fair. Where the lesser “known” individuals win the race. If we are the same people who can implement these changes at the county, constituency, and ward level why not the presidency. Oh well, I am still trying to understand what “This is Kenya” means. All the 47 candidates deserve your ear!


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