Truth be Told: Just but a vote!

Huuuh!!!! Today we have to sigh first. A video went around, this past weekend showcasing an accident at a political rally where a land cruiser is seen speeding towards the side of the road making some pedestrians swerve away to avoid being hit. Unfortunately, two of Hon. Ben Momanyi’s “supporters” were hit from behind while they were on a motorcycle.  The gubernatorial aspirant was oblivious to the incident that had occurred less than 5 meters close to him as he continued to address the “votes”, oh, sorry, the people at the rally! It was a brilliant “showcase” of reckless driving and heartless campaigning all in broad daylight.

Scream from the community is what brought attention to the lawmaker and he “immediately” took action. At least he says this on his Twitter account.  Take a look at the video, caution should be taken;

Well, the evidence is presented to you and the “accused” has also shared his side of the story. Where is the truth for you?

This uneventful incident should be our stepping stone to call for security and proper structures in political rallies and with barely two months left to the August polls, if we do not call out the political class and demand them to treat us as people and not votes, then more incidents such as this is prone to happen. We might not understand the “truth” of how the events unfolded but, we can make our analysis.


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