Truth be Told: Breaking The Chains Of Exclusion

As we celebrate 59 years of self-rule as Kenyans. There are things to be proud of and things to cry about. Well, this week we have seen reports on social media on “racism” allegations. A video went viral showing whites and Asians queuing in one line whereas blacks in another. The incident ignited a majority of Kenyans to share their own stories and experiences of discrimination in various high-end restaurants and social places.

A close friend shared her experience of exclusion and discrimination when they visited a restaurant that offers Indian and other Asian cuisines in Nairobi. The restaurant is open to all and operates on a reservation basis, so my friend says, “We entered the restaurant and we were welcomed with all the proper etiquette and friendliness one would expect in such an establishment.” She continues to say, “ We were shown to an upstairs sitting area, in our minds this was going to be the best view.” So they thought! But shock and behold no great view, just a table filled with people like them – “Blacks”!

The ground floor sitting area had great music and the other guests seemed to be served quicker than the upstairs’ guests, but only Asians were seated there. At this time, of course, racism was far from their minds.

This is Kenya after all, after requesting to change tables and to speak to the manager to grant their request, the curtains were dropped from their eyes, “Downstairs is only for Asians we can’t mix blacks with them because eating meat is offensive to them.”  What a great explanation that was!

Well, in a country where the majority are black and we are in Africa, why should one be discriminated against in their own motherland? We all hear stories of discrimination against blacks in other continents of the world but in Africa, this should be non-existent.


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