There are fears we need to have

Fear is a complex emotion or state that is engraved in the core of human identity. Fears present its self in various forms, shapes, or desires. In life “There are fears we need to have” the words said by televangelist Joyce Meyer. This sentiment may raise our eyebrows slightly when we take them to the surface.

The televangelist was on her press tour for her new book “Do it Afraid” when she gave insights on the biblical perspective of fear. “I wonder how many people watching today are just like if this fear would go away if this fear would just go away. But God doesn’t want to take your fear away. He wants to give you the courage to go ahead and do what He is telling you to do. While you are still afraid, you never get a victory from anything when you run from it. The only way to get a victory is to face it, confront it, go through it and conquer it”

Do it Afraid was published on 1st September 2020, the book takes us through “That fear is everywhere and affects everyone. It rules many people, but it doesn’t have to rule you any longer. Remember, courage isn’t the absence of fear; it is learning how to move forward in the presence of fear. Courageous people do what they believe in their hearts they should do, no matter how they feel or what doubts fill their minds. When you take ownership of your problems and open your heart to God, He will help bring light into the darkness so that you can be free.”


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