The grief of war: Man loses wife and 2 children and finds out via Twitter

Many Ukrainians have been trying to evacuate the cities and areas in the east of Ukraine following the war with Russia. Humanitarian efforts to provide convoys to facilitate evacuation have succeeded in evacuating a number of families and individual citizens of Ukraine.

Though these efforts continue and have provided aid, there’s still the fact that there are casualties in between, because seize fire during evacuation is not entirely assured.

A Man from Kyiv, found that his wife, and 2 children were killed in the midst of a convoy attack while trying to flee the area Irpin. To his grief, he first knew about it through the social media platform Twitter. Having spoken to his wife the day before about a possible evacuation, he said in an interview with an international media company, “At the last moment, the last convoy however, that she was planning to travel with was shelled and fired at.”

More on this story in an interview by international media company, CNN.


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