The Cost of Fame: How far is too far?

“Do you live to eat or eat to live?” Some “influencers” have taken it to the next level where this saying has lost its meaning. The said influential are eating “food” items that should not be consumed or over binging.

If you think this is a western problem you are wrong? A popular Kenya TikToker who cooks and eats the unconventional; from cooking bats to adding cockroach poisonous to make kales all tastier amidst more “delicacies” went over a scare after allegedly preparing and consuming spiders.

In a video, he posted while in the state he said, “Guys, make your last prayers before niende. Muniombee bana mimi naenda. Naskia kaa sina uso, nafurafura kila place. Nimekula spider and this is happening to the whole face hadi mikono.” The TikToker was however unapologetic over his actions, reemphasising the old slogan, “YOLO” you only live once claiming he is ready to die.

In a survey conducted by Statisa, on the popularity of various social media networks in Kenya. TikTok emerged to be used by 60.8% of the respondents. Ranking 4th in popularity against other social media sites. A different survey shows the highest percentage of active users fall between the ages of 15-24 years. The power of social media is what worries me and how impressionable children are.

A high percentage of youths are in pursuit of fame and money at all costs leaving behind morals and principles, even going a mile further to jeopardize their health. All at the extent of fame. How do you protect your kin from being influenced and swept into the same illusion?


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