The collapse of a Dream and Celebrity status

"From the first time I tried cocaine, I got pretty instantly hooked. It started to become every day, all day. It completely destroyed my life in every aspect."

Fame is often associated with success, and a dream for most teenagers and youths is to have both in life. The pursuit of dreams especially in the public limelight is one, only a few of us can dare to attempt. Due to the high criticism and public recognition, fame brings and removes one’s sense of privacy. Jack Cassidy auditioned and got a chance to be a contestant in one of the most popular music competition shows in the world, “The Voice”. The joy was however short-lived as the then 17-year-old was later on eliminated.

The conviction he had that “he got all it took to win” broke him down after being shown the door. The passion and drive quickly turned into despair tearing up his heart. The open arms of cocaine were wide open, “From the first time I tried cocaine, I got pretty instantly hooked. It started to become every day, all day. It destroyed my life in every aspect. It drained my bank account completely. It made me start to steal just to get drugs.” Jack shared this in an interview on Club 700.


The chase of the high made a staunch Christian and a worship leader forget his faith and identity. All because the pedestal he was in broke down. For close two years, Jack belonged to the world as he completely ignored and lost touch with his friends and family. At his lowest low, he remembered the only one person who could save him, “But even though I had buried God deep in that season, I hit my knees amid that full-blown chaos, and I just cried out to Him and asked Him to let me live, to save my life in a moment of total brokenness, total darkness, did not deserve to be saved. I got myself here. I felt the Spirit come in at that moment and completely overpower the chaos and the drugs that I had put in my body. And-and the drugs were warring against me, trying to make my body shut down. But God was breathing life into me. His power in my spirit in the midst of all that was—and is what was keeping me in a place of real peace, and-and keeping me alive.”

Jack was able to shift his life around. Life is a roller coaster of emotions and circumstances. The only person you can rely on to be with you in all you go through is Christ. He is always with you!


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