Soul Ties Part 1: A Myth or a Reality?

It is no longer a hypothetical theory that needs to be demystified when it comes to sexual activity amongst the Kenyan Youth. Different surveys show a high percentage of the youth are sexually active. In a survey we conducted in a local university, 70% of the respondents admitted to being sexually active, 20% were on the hunt for a sexual partner to fulfil their desires, whereas 10% claimed to be inactive or celibate. When two become one during sexual intercourse there is more that happens than just pleasure. You might be thinking of the possibility of contracting STIs or pregnancy but that’s not it.  The two souls are bounded to be one! Not their real names;

I have heard of soul ties from others, teachers, and parents but I’m not that much of a believer,” Mark. “Soul ties in my own words is when you are attracted to someone of the opposite gender and you have an intimate relationship” Lauren.

When it comes to the question of whether they were aware of what Sexual soul ties are; 50% had no idea, 35% had heard of the term but they didn’t know much about it whereas the remaining 15% were aware. We further explained what soul ties are and 90% of the participants “affirmed it was a myth.” “For me it’s a myth, tuseme mwenye nilipata mtoto naye siye mwenye niko na yeye saa hii, though tumekaa for so long like eight years. So Siamani, ata brother na sister hawanaga soul ties. It’s a scam, it’s a lie,” Mitchel. “Naona ni kitu iko, but it’s only for first times. Kutoa virginity pekee yake,” Brian. “To me, it’s a myth and it doesn’t apply to me. Because I broke up with my boyfriend after 2 years of dating and right now if I see him with another girl I am not mad. I even say hey,” Carol

People say when a man and a woman have sex they create a deeper bond but for me, it’s a myth. It’s a myth because it’s only a picture you create in your mind to remember someone because of how pleasurable the experience is. So you can forget it,” Martin. “It is something so real and it does exist,” Mary. “The only thing I know about soul ties are a few stereotypes. What I have heard is that the first person you have sex with you will forever be bound with them. The soul of the two persons who are bound forever, but to me, it is still a myth,” Mike.

Are Soul ties myths or are they real? What is the biblical perspective on this? Catch the demystification of Soul Ties Part 2 tomorrow at 11 AM.


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