Sigh of Relief: Unga Prices Drop!

It was an answered prayer and sigh of relief for many Kenyans when the price of Unga dropped to 100 Kenyan shillings on Monday. After long and strenuous months of coping with the high cost of living, the government finally gave in to the pressure and lowered the prices of the staple food for most Kenyans.

Hunger and food security have been a key concern not only in Kenya but across the world in general. The high cost of basic commodities has been attributed to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine while the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic have also been cited as the downfall of most economies around the world.

The move to lower the cost of Unga from Ksh 230 to Ksh 100 will only last for a month, this is after the government stroke a deal with millers to subsidize the prices.

Well, as much as some celebrated others poked and questioned the intentions of the price drop. Is it a political enticement to woo voters towards a certain coalition or is it an affirmative action on the public outcry? All this lies in your perspective!


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