Unga is finally Ksh.100!

Earlier this week, a majority of Kenyans were extremely disappointed after their celebrations soon turned to shock after the price of Unga did not drop as was anticipated to Ksh.100. The deputy presidential aspirants during the recent debates, made sure to remind and inform those that might not have been aware that the price is still the same. Many Kenyans remarked that this is just another ploy used during elections which the president seemed to agree with, “Every election in this country has attracted ‘Unga Crisis’.  There seems to be an engineered connection between elections and the high prices of unga.  There is an obvious trend between the manner the price of unga goes up and the tempo taken by the election.”

On Wednesday evening, the outgoing President, Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation on the cost of living zeroing in on the “Unga Crisis” while reminding the Republic of the various factors that have brought us to the current cost of living. “This situation has been compounded by other preceding disasters, including a desert locust invasion in 2019, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, and the disruptions in the global supply chain of food and farm inputs, following the Ukraine-Russian War,” part of his speech.

The President’s new directive is to provide a cushion on the high cost of living to the common mwananchi.  “We announce a fiscal measure focused on food subsidy as our fifth stimulus program. Covering the supply and distribution of our nation’s staple food which is maize mill across the country.”

The President further stated that his administration had been engaging in talks with various milling companies registered under the Agricultural Food Authority (AFA). From these engagements, the government issued, “a legal notice under the hand of the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury. Through this notice, and effective immediately: The Railway Development Levy (RDL) on all imported Maize stands suspended. The Import Declaration Fee (IDF) on all imported Maize is hereby suspended. Maize flour shall retail across the entire territory of the Republic of Kenya at the price of Ksh.100, down from Ksh.205 for a 2kg packet, until otherwise directed.” He further stated.

The President re-emphasized the need for both corporate citizens and the political class to exercise high civic responsibility. We can all finally enjoy some ugali sosa again!


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