Presidential Debates: What’s your bare minimum?

With 14 days to go and counting, the hourglass seems to be indicating that we no longer have the luxury of time. The luxury to pounder on ‘if’ or ‘who’ we will vote for is slowly becoming non-existent. A majority of Kenyans who were initially undecided seem to be dropping as we edge closer to the August 9th polls, if the recent opinion polls are anything to go by.

As Familynews.Today we asked the question of, “Faith! The Missing Link in the Debates.” As a Christian community what should be our bare minimum? “Faith presides over anything and everything for us”, this should be our stand. Citizen Go, a non-profit organisation has written to the Presidential Debate Secretariat demanding for inclusion of Abortion and Homosexuality in their set of questions.

In the letter, the organisation went on to state, “Our purpose is to foster real political change in favour of life, family, and liberty. As per CoK 2010, the family is the fundamental unit of society (Art. 45) and also everyone has a right to life from conception (Art. 26). We have though seen a lot of activism in these areas to redefine marriage to include homosexuality and also to legalise abortion in Kenya. We write to demand that the presidential candidates make clear their stance on these issues during the upcoming presidential debate.”

The political arena is currently at the edge of its seat. In their current poker game, it is a play of: will we show up or not!! As the anticipation of citizens raise, let us remember the debates are our platform to interrogate the candidates. It should not be a question of if I show up. It should be a question of what the people want to know when I show up! Corruption, Faith, and National vision are my bare minimum what’s yours?


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