President Kenyatta’s Allies Upbeat Ahead of Today’s Sagana 3 Meeting

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to meet with leaders from the Mt Kenya region today at the Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri, some of his allies have described the meeting as a defining moment that will shape the region’s political future.

While speaking to the press, Nyeri ​Town ​MP​ Ngunjiri ​W​ambugu indicated that it is meant to give the region political direction and ensure that the more than six million votes are in safe hands.

“For the avoidance of doubts, the meeting is simply a political one. The president has invited not just jubilee leaders but those he feels he can work together and ensure that Mt Kenya residents are in safe hands once he exits from power,” said Wambugu.

The meeting is set to tackle the false narratives about the President in the mountain, explain his fall out with his deputy, and also an opportunity to update his region on his achievements for the bloc.

The meeting comes barely 2 days ahead of the planned Jubilee’s National Delegates Conference (NDC) scheduled for Friday and Saturday. will keep following on the development of this story.


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