PRENUP’s Equates to Love or Doom

Are we speaking of doom before we wed when we talk about a prenuptial agreement or are we protecting ourselves? Well, the latest data by the Kenya Bureau of Statistics revealed that 17% of marriages ended in divorce in 2020. Over the last five years, many youths are opting to sign prenuptial agreements as a form of protection due to the high rates of divorce caused by infidelity. Sandra Solit, “Sadly with the divorce rates yes.” While some took a different root depending on one’s personal experiences. Powell Tawa, “Yes, if you already have experience with people misusing you. No, if you decide to make that wealth with your person.”

A third of the respondents quoted revenue as the main deciding factor when it comes to singing the prenuptial. Lydia M, “I may be earning more than the man. I am not sharing my money.” “If he is making more than me I will not sign it but if I making more he definitely will,” Anonymous. “I may also want to be taken care of as the man, depending on the disparity in wealth,” Oscar. The question of wealth and the lack of has been amongst the top leading causes of divorce.

As a society where our success is attributed to our assets, lifestyles, and spending power it’s somewhat logical why a huge number of young Kenyans would want financial security. “I believe it depends on at what point we meet each other if we built up the wealth together then none of us should. But if one of us had already built a substantial amount of wealth then it’s only fair to sing the prenuptial whether it’s the man or the woman,” Mr. K. Biko. Some of the respondents claimed signing a prenuptial is proclaiming doom on their marriage at the onset.

A prenuptial agreement is, a contract that a couple enters before they get married. It stipulates the rules and guidelines for splitting assets and debts should the marriage end in divorce. Couples should stick to what is familiar and safe to them. If a prenup is necessary, sign it, if not don’t. Whether it’s doom or love you are the only one who knows!


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