God’s Love Language: Obedience and Attitude

‭‭Isaiah 1:19 NKJV‬‬
If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the good of the land;
There is a classic story about a father who told his little four-year-old son to sit down, but the son didn’t sit down. So the father said a second time, “Son, I said sit down.” The boy still didn’t sit down. Finally, the father took him by the shoulders and forcefully placed him in the chair. He said, “Now, Son, sit there!” The little boy answered, “I may be sitting down on the outside, but—” he added defiantly, “I’m standing up on the inside!”
We can seemingly obey because of our actions, but our hearts are not in it. As the verse says, if we are willing and obedient, then we shall eat the fruit of the land.
When I obey, is my heart truly in it or am I just going through the motions? When we do things and yet, our hearts are not in it, then we are simply performing religious acts and not walking in obedience as God would require us. Just as the boy, though our actions talk of obedience, our hearts scream of rebellion.
When obedience comes from the heart, then the action and the heart are in alignment. We are willing to do it because we love God and what he requires of us is important even when we don’t have the full understanding. Our obedience stems from the fact that we want to please him because we love him.
At times we seem to be willing, but then we fail to walk in obedience. We have good intentions that remain as good intentions that never get to be actioned.
God requires both a willing and obedient heart.
Our obedience needs to be prompt, it needs to be complete, and it must be with a great attitude.
What are some things you do, but your heart is not really in it?
What are some things you have intended to do but have never got to doing them?
In what area of your walk with God are you struggling to be willing and obedient?


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