Police Officers Team-up to sponsor a needy student

The switch from Force to Service in the name of Kenya’s police officers was a step in the right direction. The name change was to symbolize new dawn for the officers and the public they serve with the hope of portraying a friendlier and consumer-oriented approach from how they operated before.

The fruits of the Kenya Police Service can be witnessed in Machakos county where officers came together to sponsor a needy student. The student Simon Muthama who is under the care of his grandfather decided to take a leap of faith to head to the Machakos School with nothing. Simon had scored 403 marks in this year’s KCPE and the leap of faith made him meet an OCS who transformed his life.

Speaking to a local TV station the officer said, “We not only arrest we are also compassionate and we assist the community in one way or another and this is one of the ways.”

The officers teamed up and held a fundraiser in which they managed to raise Ksh. 200,000 for the student.



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