PJ Morton releases official video: Better Benediction

PJ Morton releases the new song Better Benediction from his new album Watch the Sun. In response to his positive upbringing as a Pastor’s kid (PK), aside from some of the sad tales about Pastors Kid’s and the inspiration behind his album PJ said “I think that it’s great that we can talk more about trauma and therapy, but I think it is important that we also celebrate when it doesn’t have to be that. I hope that my kids don’t have to say that it was traumatic, I hope that we get better at that. We can be okay to live without heavy trauma. I have tried to not go too crazy.”

In comparison to his first music projects and now PJ confesses that he started in the industry as a little green, he now professes that he has now learned a lot about every part of the music business. “It’s all green, and I literally thought that if I make the music good enough, I was going to sell 10 million records I also thought I would probably play on different types of stations. I enjoyed the whole process, reality didn’t hit till after that.”

Here is the soulful track. Enjoy your Friday!


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