No Scholarships for Day Scholars

All the 1.2 million Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates who sat for class 8 examinations have been placed in secondary schools. Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha emphasized form one selection was based on merit, choice, and equity. This was in line with the government directive of 100% transition to secondary schools for all pupils.

38,797 candidates have been selected to join national schools, 214,960 others have been placed in extra County Schools while another 258,456 will be enrolled in County schools, 2,045 pupils have been placed in special need schools, while another 726 311 have been placed in sub-county schools and the remaining 9,128 are refugees in camps.

The government is offering 9,000 scholarships to needy pupils but under one additional criteria, “Bursaries and scholarships will only be given to students in boarding schools. In very simple English the government of the Republic of Kenya pays for school fees for every child in a day secondary school,” Prof.Maghoha- CS,Education.


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