More than 3 000 Children are Missing

As a social community, it is a normal occurrence to see children playing together in estates. Arguments, laughter, and voices can be heard when a large group of children is together. As the sun sets and the dust settles, some kids never find their way home. This is the sad reality we are living in today.

This was the fate of Alena and Collins, as their 2-year-old son Bravin went missing when the parents went to church on the 2nd of January 2022. The first step the parents did was to report the matter to the closest police station as they continue to search for their child.

The first week we couldn’t eat or sleep. All we did was cry. But through prayers God gave them hope and reassurance as they continue to search for their son,” the parents shared. The family is still not at peace as they are still searching for Bravin.

As the world marked International Missing Children day, the Department of Services stated that more than 6300 children were reported missing between January 2021 to May 1st this year. Out of this number, more than 3000 children are yet to be found. While the other children were traced and reunited with their families.

Bravin is still among the 3000 children who are reported missing, if you have any information with regards to his whereabouts, kindly contact Alena on 0741 178 637, and in case you see any child who seems lost, take the child to the nearest police station. Let’s protect our children.



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