Life after KCSE: Anxiety or Relief

Last week Friday the last batch of KCSE candidates sat for their final paper, Physics practical. Walking in one of the national high schools on the day, a spirit of relief and joy was all over. Parents and other relatives were eagerly waiting for their kin to carry their belongings and finally go home.

Speaking to some students, they felt relieved that they are no longer stuck in a system and tough structure. With some going further to say, they finally have freedom and they want to explore the world and see the “privileges and joys” they were denied. However, some had anxiety wondering when their results would be out and what grades they will receive.

They shared that they feel pressure in three facets; from their parents, from being in a national school, and from within (they desire grades to achieve their aspirations). It’s not abnormal for the students to feel these types of emotions, we all faced it when we were in their shoes.

During this time it’s important to assure the students that life will move on, that they are able to make something out of their lives. There is more joy and realities one gets introduced to after finishing high school, gear up and enjoy the ride of life!


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