Decongesting the CBD

For a long time the county government of Nairobi has been trying to find ways to decongest the traffic snarl ups in the central business district. The previous regimes under the former governors Evans Kidero and Mike Mbuvi Sonko all failed in their attempts. The question of “poor planning” and lack of proper engagement of the various stakeholders in the industry was attributed to the failure. In a past interview the Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai was quoted saying, “We are ready to cooperate in decongesting the city in a manner that is acceptable by us not when we are forced to do so.”

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), states that matatus will be kicked out of the CBD by the end of April. The NMS had designated some bus terminals for different routes, Muthurwa, Green Park, Fig Tree, Desai, Park Road, Bunyala among other termini’s. Some of the termini’s are set to be in operation as of this month.

For city dwellers who are unwilling to walk to the CBD, various city link busses would be available. According to the NMS the prices of these buses will be “pocket friendly.” The shear madness Nairobians witnessed the last time this directive was implemented was beyond mind boggling. With unmoving traffic snarl up caused by private cars and over congestion and confusion in some of the bus terminus.

Thinking out loud how will the hawkers survive? Are you ready for the change?


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