Let’s take a Selfie: National Camera day

Lights camera action! There was an era when the basic concept of photography was a wonder to scientists. However, in the digital world, most if not all electronic devices have a camera. The now easily accessible tool was once an expensive experience if not a dream for many in the past centuries. Paying an artist to paint your image was cheaper than taking a photo.

Well, the first step of the invention of photography occurred in the 11th century. Where an Arab scholar, Ibn al-Haytham, invented the first camera in the early 11th century. His camera was based on the conceptual descriptions of the Camera Obscura effect, the very first mention of which can be found in a Chinese text named Mozi (400 BC) and the writings of Aristotle (330 BC).

From then on various scientists and inventors have made adaptions and improvements to what we now enjoy as the modern camera. The National Camera Day 2022 is meant to highlight the significance of photographs, cameras, and how they were invented. Can you imagine a world with no cameras, what would have been our entertainment?


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