“Lazy Thinkers” Failure of Duplicating Business Ideas

There is always an illusion we all have as a society; that the grass is always greener under someone else’s rag/yard. It’s not uncommon to see person X start a business then person Y immediately after seeing it “thrive” opens up the same type of enterprise. “The reason is the beginners of any business succeed because they satisfy a need. As you satisfy this need in the population everyone converges in your business. The success reflects on you and that’s why without sounding rude we are “lazy thinkers” so because so and so was successful in that I can also be successful. Unfortunately, we open too many of them and we spread out as opposed to looking for another opportunity.” Alex Mwathi Economist.

Entrepreneurship has been one of the thriving forces in our economy as it provides many Kenyans with their livelihoods. Starting a business is not rocket science, and here is the first to create a business, I want you to sit back and spend time thinking, and think about the location where you live, what are the challenges, and the struggles people are going through? Where you live there must be a problem you can solve. If you can create a solution for it, you will make money,” he further stated.


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