Kenya hosts the 4th General Conference of African Prosecutors

This year’s conferences theme is “Effective Mechanisms to Respond to Emerging Crimes and Transnational Organized Crime in Africa.” In relation to theme of the conference President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that, But more importantly the theme also demands of us to rededicate ourselves to our global commitment to combat organized transnational crime. And we do so collectively in a collaborative manner but to also do so innovatively and in a manner that nonetheless always upholds our fundamental values.”

The president further stated, Africa in itself loses roughly 88.8 billion dollars in illegal financial activities which is close to 3.7% of our continents GDP. In effect our continent loses more wealth each year than it gains; by at least 40 billion dollars. This empirical evidence demonstrates clearly why the war against corruption and in deed transnational organized crime is a worthy investment for our governments. Resources Africa is losing would otherwise greatly benefit our development agenda and enable us to create an even more glorious future for our citizens.”

The 5 day conference brings together over 200 delegates from 32 countries including Directors of Public Prosecutions, Attorney Generals, Prosecutors, and Non-State actors, to discuss country experiences and challenges in responding to Emerging crimes and Transnational Organized Crimes in the African continent. The event is hosted by the office of the Directorate of Public prosecution (ODPP) in collaboration with the International Association of Prosecutors and The East Africa Association of Prosecutors (EAAP).


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