Kenya elections 2022

Voting is underway in Kenya’s transitional election since a 2013 vote that led to the late President Mwai Kibaki handover power to President Uhuru Kenyatta whose 10 year tenure is coming to an end.

Voters across the country began queuing as early as 2 am local time in some locations, although a few pollling stations have reported technical hitches with the use of biometrics, it has remained largely peaceful.

The 2022 election pits the longtime opposition politician Raila Odinga against the country’s deputy president, William Ruto.

About 22 million Kenyans have registered to vote, according to the electoral body (IEBC), with polls expected to remain open till 5 pm.

Although the election would bring about a change of administration, Ruto and Odinga’s affiliation with the present government does not necessarily provide a new political phenomenon to the issues affecting the common Kenyan.

Among the key pressing issues for the electorate is myriad economic problems ranging from growing debt to high food and fuel prices and mass youth unemployment.

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