Intentional Giving

There is something about giving that makes the heart glad, and the heavens open. When we give back to those in need we fulfill a high calling, where giving is not just a random activity.

Rev. Joseph Obwanda seems to have grasped this concept of giving with purpose. He yesterday held what would be the beginning of a campaign “Ghetto Children Got it” under a hashtag of the same.

“Ghetto Children Got it is a structured mentorship and scholarship initiative for inspiring excellence of expressions in our children from my two teenage ghetto’s, Mathare and Kibra”

Rev Obwanda, founder of HESHIMIKA Foundation, started this campaign as a way to inspire and mentor the young minds in Mathare and Kibra while also reconnecting with where he grew up during most of his teenage years.

Students enjoying refreshments provided by HESHIMIKA Foundation, 
through #GhettoChildrenGotIt Campaign

Obwanda visited and engaged with over 260 candidates of KCPE 2021 of Mathare North, situated North East Nairobi.

“They were very excited to hear my story of surviving the ghettos and discovering my voice amidst the noise.” Through this initiative Rev Obwanda believes that he gave them their voice, affirmed their value and inspired their vision.

Through his network as assistant chaplain KEMU, Obwanda was able to be accompanied by some of his student mentees. They were able to help in terms of prayer, giving career advice, as well as distribution of stationary to support them during exams. He and his team also brought in some refreshments to share after the session. Obwanda says “We look forward to adopting and accompanying many of them through their teenage years in high school, especially as they sign up for Ghetto Children Got It.”

As the slogan for the campaign says “Yes they’ve got it – Their Personhood, Purpose and Potential.” He adds, sharing the project motto “They Aspire, We Inspire so they don’t Expire!”

If you would like to support this noble project and be part of the sponsorship and mentorship programme, please email for more information on donation.



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