Independent and determined: Presidential candidate Muthiora announces female running mate

Muthiora Kariara, an independent presidential candidate is in the race for the Kenyan 2022 general elections scheduled for August 9th. Muthiora announced that he will have by his side a female running mate – Miriam Mutua.

In a statement sent to Familynews.Today, Miriam said, “What inspired me to be his running mate, is the fact that Muthiora was on the ballot before in 2017, and was one of the running mates of one of the candidates during that time, and for him to be in the race one more time and this time standing out as a candidate himself for the presidency it shows that he is passionate about liberating this country and more so he has an unrivaled passion for this course. For someone to have been there and this time again is there means that he wants change.”

Now a presidential running, Ms. Miriam Mutua stresses that “Muthiora is a young Kenyan who sees the need to have more young people represented in government.”

“We are tired of the old people. they are good yes. young people are more in number in Kenya. They want change and the change is coming through Muthiora.” She added.

Given a scenario of win and lose, Miriam says “I believe we shall win but if we don’t win, this is for Kenya to decide. We shall know what to do when we get there.”

Seeming positive, Miriam is confident that the ball in the court can change direction, and that Kenya is ready for new leadership.

Speaking about his vision and plans for the country if elected president, Muthiora says, “Kenya has to reset back to basics. Our country is an agricultural one and should be able to provide food for its people at an affordable cost judging by the current statistics. Unfortunately, the biggest burden to Kenyans right now that is driving the cost of living through the roof is food.”

Given an opportunity to lead Muthiora will prioritize agriculture and adopt modern farming technologies that would increase productivity on Kenyan farms and caution Kenyans on the high cost of living in his wish to make a better economy for Kenya.

He says, “We will ensure we have policies that make agriculture full for Kenyans, this is one constituency that has not been harnessed. We will do all we can to drive down the cost of living, by bringing down the cost of agricultural inputs so that whatever is produced on our farms is affordable to everyone.”

Muthiora also addressed the issue of cutting back on taxes and stated that he would look into recouping what is lost by broadening the tax base. He also said that his government would deal with tax cheats accordingly. “Anyone that is earning a living in Kenya and is not paying taxes will be made to contribute to the basket-like everybody else.” He said.

The candidate’s desire is to lead Kenya into being a country that upholds the rule of law. He ends by saying, “If we all respect the rule of law, governance will be a thing that gives honor and integrity to all our citizens.”



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