Impact of the DP’s Call for Churches to make a Political Stand

“There is this thing the church keeps … oh you know … we are neutral. But the Bible says you are either warm or cold. You can’t be somewhere there, I don’t know which part of the scripture is neutral. The church must take sides,” Deputy President William Ruto. The statement made by the DP earlier this week during the Evangelic Alliance of Kenya, National Convention Conference has caused a stir in the Christian domain.

The Old Testament gives various examples of prophets publicly ordaining the kings and leaders in their community. But from then onwards there has not been many if at all any reference to the regard of public declaration. Looking at our Kenyan history of independence we take note of great men of God who were at the forefront in seeking justice and fairness.

The church has always been at the forefront of politics in Kenya. We see a dip when Kenyatta came into power. Kenyatta II(Uhuru), we start to see a church that takes the disposition as though it’s a coward. We start to see conversations that we should not mix church and politics and thereabout. Frankly enough, if you look at the last 13 years or so you will discover democracy has dipped. You discover there hasn’t been the strong voice of the church as it used to be.” Dennis Nthumbi in an interview with Fred Njiri.

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