‘Hurting, but Hope-Filled’: Hillsong Worship Announces Departure from Casting Crowns/We the Kingdom Tour

Article by: Steve Warren

Hillsong Worship has announced it is withdrawing from the upcoming Casting Crowns tour with We the Kingdom. The church’s music ministry made the announcement in a Facebook post this week. “With generous and gracious support of our friends and partners Casting Crowns and Premier Productions, Hillsong Worship has asked to be withdrawn from the upcoming Casting Crowns/Hillsong Worship tour with We The Kingdom,” the group wrote. “Whilst we are deeply disappointed to have to make this difficult decision, we do feel that is the right one at this time in our history and the decision that, for us, requires the most faith.”

Hillsong Worship went on to explain that they are not a band but volunteers from church campuses. “Uniquely, Hillsong Worship is not and has never been a band. We are an extension of and expression of Hillsong Church — a collective of our local church worship teams. All of us are either on staff at Hillsong Church or volunteers at our local campuses,” the post explained.

“Right now, our church is walking through some difficult days and navigating significant change. Our community is hurting but hope-filled. With the full support and endorsement of our senior church leadership, we believe the decision not to go on tour this month is the one that puts the health and well-being of the people of our team first. Now is the time for us to humbly seek the Lord, to grieve in hope, and to heal in community, together,” the post said.

“We are devastated to have to withdraw from this tour we have been planning and praying into for over a year, to let down our friends Casting Crowns, We the Kingdom and Premier Productions who mean the world to us, and to let down all of your who were planning on coming. We are so sorry,” the post continued.

“We would love to encourage you to hold onto your ticket and head along to these nights which are going to be so full of life, joy, and encouragement in God’s presence. We know you will be ministered to deeply by the Lord through our friends Casting Crowns and We the Kingdom, who are absolutely incredible,” the post said.

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