How the digital space is impacting families in Ukraine

War is a terrible thing that separates the country in conflict with the rest of the world. But in this 21st century the borders have been erased by what we call the global community, thanks to various digital platforms.

Digitally driven companies like Air BnB are being used by US citizens to purposely book for stays in the Ukraine in order to raise funds for those stranded and affected by the war. In an interview with an international news agency, Dallas, US couple Chris and Amy Clary say “We wanted to get money to people living there and they are desperate for funds obviously for food and maybe to get out of town.”

Air BnB says on March 2nd and 3rd 61,000 nights were booked in Ukrainian locations channeling money to more than half of Ukrainian people. Other platforms being used is, raising more than $16 million towards helping Ukrainian citizens stranded by the war.

It’s amazing to say the force of humanity coming together even worlds apart. We are stronger and better together, even virtually.


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