How networking and the digital space can make you money

The COVID-19 pandemic affected numerous sectors globally. One sector that has been hard hit is employment and business. Young people are looking to find new ways of creating income in these hard economic times.

The question that lingers is, is it possible to venture into a lucrative business no matter how little or much capital you have? How does someone even gain access to markets? A great way is to join a network of like-minded business owners, large and small.

Esther Neema, founder of Dream Tribe, an entrepreneurs network says, “So, there are different networks that are there. It depends on why you want to join the network. For example, BNI (Business Network International) whose commitment is to refer to each other. And this is so important because it’s very purposeful. It’s very important because I think when you have a larger network who can make you access anyone, that’s what opens doors.”

The advantages of joining an entrepreneurs network is that you get access to more markets, more opportunities, and richer networks. Esther emphasizes, “You can also get a connection of the people who can offer you services that you need to run your business. It’s very important. It opens doors to a lot more opportunities than when you are seated in your house alone.”

So where can one start over if the pandemic hit or what opportunities are there to generate extra income?

A great platform that has been in use for some time but has made even more sense to those in business is the digital space. The COVID pandemic opened up people’s minds to opportunities online that they would have not explored if it was not for the lockdowns and restrictions.

A few of the income-generating ideas you can explore online are:

Online Training Courses: We all know something that other people may not necessarily be good at or need more structured information on. Creating and selling a training course online is a great way to make income more so passive income. Even if you are employed it’s extra income that requires minimal time.

Remote Freelance Work: There are numerous remote worksites available, especially those that accept Africans. With as little as a certificate or pure experience in an area you are skilled in, you can get an online job from the comfort of your home and your pocket. Jobs like Virtual Assistance, Writing, Admin, and Data Entry are some of the few jobs you can get online.

Social Media Consulting/Digital Tools Services: Many businesses are trying to transition from physical business to online business and need help doing so. You could be the one making this happen by starting consulting services. If you have some knowledge in social media, web design, content creation, etc., it’s about time you started.

YouTube Influencing/Edu-taining: Many people think that the idea of becoming a YouTuber is far-fetched but with just a phone it is possible to start. There are so many things that people are interested in knowing and talking about. If you are into sharing info or helping people know about various topics than this would be the place and the business to express it. It will only take you time and consistency.

Selling Products/Services Online: If you already have products or services or are looking to start selling physically but want a larger market, the best place to find more customers is online. There are several online shops that you can use to place your products and find relevant customers who can find you from wherever they are.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do business!


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