Has the Church become a Political Nuisance?

The 2021-2022 period has seen an immense increase in participation and presence of religious leaders in the media and political gatherings, a move that was celebrated by the Kenyan Church and citizens at large.

The Interfaith Council, an organization composed of church leaders released a press statement calling on Kenyans to maintain peace during this period when the Supreme Court of Kenya will be hearing the presidential petition. However, the message was not well received across social networks;

Hypocrites of the highest order. Some of these were celebrating together when Chebukati was declaring his results. Tribalists for lack of a better word,” Dickson remarked on his social media handle, as well “Does Kenya have religious leaders?” James

Claude Levi-Strauss an anthropologist once said, “The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.” Who are our religious leaders? Do we even have religious leaders? Who is a religious leader? This is a question we need to ponder more on.

Mirror on the wall, all I am seeing is a reflection of dishonesty?

Wakora ndani miskiti na makanisa. Bure kabisa,” Rajab. Paul shared, “We also call upon you guys at least to have a stand not to confuse us.” While Millicent shared, “They’re hungry again to be paid spreading peace.”

With the ongoing attack on the church and its stand during this election period, did the church lose its voice by becoming a political tool, or have we become too partisan?

A deeper look into these questions coming in our next article piece on Friday.


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