Government Launches New Digital Plates

Commissioning of the new generation number plates marks a historic moment in securitizing vehicle registration by eliminating loopholes exploited by financial fraudsters and unscrupulous motor vehicle importers,” Interior CS Fred Matiang’I said while he was launching the new digital plates at GSU Recce unit Headquarters on Tuesday, August 30.

The plates are equipped with security features that will aid Security agencies in curbing crime.

The plates are linked to the vehicle chassis number with several inbuilt security features that are easily identifiable to law enforcement and comply with international standards,” the CS further stated.”

The issuance of the Generational plates will begin with the newly registered vehicles from the KDK series. However, the replacement of all existing number plates will commence on 1st October 2022. All automobiles, including motorbikes and three-wheelers, trailers and tractors, both private and government-owned, and those used by diplomats and international organizations will adopt the new generational plates.

Motorists will pay Ksh.3,000 to get the new generation number plates and Dr. Matiangí urged Kenyans to obey and get it done within the 18 months period when called upon by the NTSA.

“When the NTSA team calls on Kenyans to change the plates, let us obey and get it done within those 18 months,” the CS said.


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