God’s Healing Love: Can love heal me?

When the Bible tells us that the love of God reaches to the heavens, and that his faithfulness reaches to the skies… It is absolute truth. We cannot even fathom the love of God toward us. He is love himself, it is not an attribute but rather it is who he is.
Many things separate us from the reality that we are loved. Nothing can separate us from the love of God but we as humans are not immune to feeling alone sometimes. But does this take away from the truth that God still loves us? No.
Because God is love, even in moments where we feel unimportant, or live we do not deserve love, we need to, at that moment, to stop looking in ward and start looking upward, because no matter what God remains the same. Every time you look up to God, love is what you will receive, because that is who he is.
So, how does God’s love heal? Well, for one, the Bible tells us in 1 Peter 4:8 That love covers a multitude of sins. Meaning, in seeking a pure life, one without pain and guilt, God’s love heals me by affirming me that I belong to him, therefore he captures me and everything else that weakens me is washed away by His love, by Him.
Secondly, God’s love is an exchange. The space that is filled with our pain, anxiety, bitterness, anger and all that we struggle with, God desires to fill that space with love and for us to exchange that with our pain.
Do you seek healing? God’s love, God himself is waiting.


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