Don’t worry about infertility there are natural solutions

Most couples get into marriage knowing that when they are finally ready to have babies it is as easy as 1,2,3. But for some couples, the challenges around fertility are real and can be hard to admit. With respect to numerous scientific solutions and treatments, very few couples who struggle with infertility would turn to natural solutions first. For some, this is usually the last option, as is the case with many other health issues we face as humans.

As Christians, we know that God made us to function in a certain way and this includes the natural function of our reproductive systems.

There are things that are supposed to happen naturally and if it doesn’t there is always a natural solution.

Today we keep it simple and look at natures perspective on the issue of fertility. Can our lifestyle and particularly nutrition make any difference in our fertility?

Reproductive Health Coach, Muthoni Waiyaki says “Yes, it is true. Lifestyle and Nutrition play a massive role in fertility. The reproductive system is an interesting one. It switches on and off depending on the condition of the body. If you are really stressed out and depleted, your reproductive system tries to lighten your load by switching off. i.e. delaying ovulation and delaying menstruation.”

She continues to advise, “Likewise if a woman is in optimal health, her reproductive system responds to this positively as it can sense that there is enough nutrition to share with a new baby. So making sure both potential mum and dad have sufficient nutrient intake especially proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals is essential to increasing chances of conception.”

Interestingly, even the amount of water one takes is said to increase hydration and performance of our bodies functions. Our expert continues to point out that our body’s responses when it comes to conception are natural and that there are several natural indicators of ovulation (when a woman is releasing and egg to await fertilization) like;

– Slippery, egg white like  discharge

– Ovulation pain

– Soft and swollen vulva

– Heightened libido

I did mention that as part of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition has a great part to play. We may all be familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat’; here are foods to keep in your pantry if you and your spouse are looking to procreate and fill the earth!

  1. Healthy fats like avocados, nuts and olive oil
  2. Iron and folic rich foods like spinach, liver, kienyeji greens,  dairy and legumes
  3. Water is an important nutrient not to forget, it is needed in every single body process and is needed to produce cervical mucus that is necessary for sperm survival

How about that! Nature is so complex, yet so simple. One would have thought that the list would be a whole supermarket!

Muthoni goes on to emphasize “Fertility is God’s unique gift to be co-creators with Him, however He always has the final say. Out of a woman’s pool of an average of 400,000 eggs and a man’s billions of sperm, only one of each is divinely chosen to produce a new individual with a unique calling.  We have no say in which egg/sperm is chosen and in the unique DNA that results. It truly is all in God’s hands.”

That said, my heart goes out to those tired of waiting, especially those waiting on God for a baby to hold in their hands. He closes and opens wombs, and what is closed must be open, at the command of His word, which is that we procreate and fill the earth. Its not your fault, everything we go through is God’s glory being revealed.


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