Disgruntled IEBC Commissioners Speak Up

The 4 disgruntled IEBC commissioners have addressed the nation. Giving the reasons why they distanced themselves from taking “ownership” of the Presidential Election results announced yesterday. The “Opaque” nature that was heavily used on Monday the 16th of August 2022 has been explained.

The four commissioners Vice Chair Juliana Cherera, Francis Wanderi, Irene Masit, and Justus Nyang’aya released a joint statement today Tuesday, in which they emphasized that they have remained faithful to the oath they took as commissioners to defend the constitution and the law as they discharge their duties.

The aggregation of the percentages of the results scored by the 4 presidential candidates who were on the ballot. As declared by Mr. Chebukati presented to us a mathematical absurdity that defies logic. Take notice that Mr. Chebukati’s aggregation goes as follows Raila Odinga 48.85%, William Ruto 50.49%, Wahiga Mwaure 0.27%, and George Wajackoyah 0.44%. This summation gives us a total of 100.01%. The 0.01% translates approximately to 142 000 votes which will make a significant difference if, in the final results. We, therefore, decline to take ownership of the said results.”

The IEBC Vice Chair Juliana Cherera continued to state that due to this error a doubt was cast, “On the accuracy of the source of the figures tallied and when we demanded that we verify our records the chairman declined, overruled us and insisted on declaring and announcing the said results.”

Following this new development; in the event of a Presidential Election petition by whichever party, the office of the registrar issued a notice on the 15th of August 2022 with regards to such an occurrence. Stating, “To all Advocates, Litigants and the general public. TAKE NOTICE that should any Presidential Election Petition be filled, the same should be filed exclusively at the Supreme Court Sub- registry.”

Further emphasizing that “under Rule 7(3) of the Supreme Court (Presidential Election Petition) rules 2017. Where the petition is filed on the last available day of filling it SHALL BE FILLED BEFORE 1400HOURS of that day.”

If the Azimio coalition under the leadership of Hon. Raila Odinga decide to petition the Presidential Election Results. Then this would be the time frame for them to file it.


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