Detectives Rescue a Pangolin Destined For Slaughter

A Pangolin was rescued yesterday the 23rd of August, by Detectives based at the Serious Crimes Unit Kinango, Kwale County. Three suspects who were found in the possession of the animal were arrested; Pas Mwiti, 30, Kabwere Tembe, 26, and Salim Nduria, 22.

The DCI further stated that, “Since their scales are used for spiritual protection and financial rituals, making the nocturnal mammal that feeds on ants one of the most trafficked in the world. In Kenya, one such animal goes for approximately Sh4 million. Don’t go hunting for one, our men are on high alert.”

The Pangolin is a mammal whose scales account for 20% of its weight.  The animal is the most trafficked mammal in the world. “Large-scale trafficking is driven by a belief that pangolin scales have magical and curative properties and demand for their meat. When mixed with bark from certain trees, the scales are thought to neutralize witchcraft and evil spirits,” according to the African Wildlife foundation.

The DCI is encouraging citizens to “Fichua kwa DCI” when they see anything suspicious. By using the calling code 0800 722 203.


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